What is “Yesterday and Today” Under the Heading of “Yesteryear?”


I was born in April of 1941 in the house where I currently live six months of each year.  The posts in this section of Homestead Shepherd represent things I personally experienced plus those of other people that were told to me.   My parents were a source of much of the information.  Likewise, other adults in my community were a source of information.  For accuracy I used Morton’s “History of Monroe County” for some of the details.  I also used the Internet for the same reason.

The original intent of these writings was to serve as a historical account that I would write in my own handwriting specifically for one of our grandchildren.  The plan was to type entries and then put them in my handwriting.  Well, I don’t know if that will materialize because I have several entries written to be posted later, and some are a bit long, too long for me to want to rewrite them by hand.  Anyway, in the meantime, I thought there would be other members of the family who would enjoy reading the bit of history.  I also think some who are not family members will find some of the history interesting.  For example, the first phone my grandparents, the Rowans, had was a homemade line linked between their home and my great grandparents, the McPhersons  at the adjoining farm nearly a mile away.  I’ve written the account and plan to post it sometime in the future.


Today’s date is December 19, 2012, but my idea to put these writings down on paper, (excuse me, type on to a computer screen) came sometime prior to my 70th birthday in 2011.  What I write about “Today,” meaning this era, will be brief compared to my writings about the era of “Yesterday.”   I don’t plan to write in chronological order; rather I plan to write things down as I think of them.

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