Who Do the Lambs Follow?

Young lambs at the side of their mother.

We all, like sheep, have gone astray (Isaiah 53:6)

Newborn lambs will follow anything that moves, including some motorized vehicles.

Often a newborn lamb will follow a ewe other than its mother, which usually spells disaster because that ewe, usually ready to give birth to her own lamb, will reject the one she lead away once she has her own. Once a young lamb bonds with its mother shortly after it is born, then that lamb will follow its mother until weaning time, determined by the shepherd. Finally, a third example; older, weaned lambs, will follow other sheep, particularly a group of four or more.

A large part of my job as a shepherd is to watch for sheep that have gone astray. If the ewe tends to stay with the flock and within the fence boundaries, then there is a very good chance her lambs will do the same. Conversely, ewes that have gone through fences are training their lambs to do the same. The older, weaned lambs that follow the wrong sheep will develop bad habits by challenging the boundaries I, the shepherd, have set.  More often than I’d like to think, I have sold, otherwise good looking sheep, because they fail to stay with the flock. I can’t risk the fact that they will likely lead others astray.

I often think about the condition of America, particularly the free-fall we see in so many aspects of our culture, the public school systems, and the full-time deception that seems to characterize the political class. I know they mean well, but I often hear how we should “vote our values” in this presidential election year. Earlier today I heard via radio, a well-meaning Christian leader/broadcast personality say Christians should “vote biblical values.”

Here are some of my questions. Is it okay for our young lambs (children) to follow a government-run system five days a week, a system we call public schools? What happened to bonding with mother, or is that only important for sheep? Is a five-year old child ready to run with the flock, taught things like “gender confusion” without close parental guidance/instruction, especially in a system that has rejected Christianity?  Can a child break the fence-crashing habits learned in Caesar’s pasture by spending time with his parents on the weekends? Homeschooling, or another form of Christian schooling, rather than letting Caesar train them are much better options. We need long range plans within families if we want biblical values in America. Do pastors not understand the plight of our children? More importantly, DO THEY EVEN CARE??? Public schools began more than 150 years ago, and the fruit from that tree is ripe, in fact, overripe (rotten). And… we are told to vote biblical values for some candidate for a secular public office? Christians, especially pastors and other Christian leaders, who think public schools are okay for our children, have already voted, and it was not biblical!

Dennis Rowan

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  1. Great piece Dennis.

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