Perhaps Trump Holds a Royal Flush for America

PELLA, IA - JANUARY 23: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign stop January 23, 2016 in Pella, Iowa. Trump, who is seeking the nomination from the Republican Party is on the presidential campaign trail across Iowa ahead of the Iowa Caucus taking place February 1. (Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images)

Most people are aware that real estate mogul and presidential candidate Donald Trump owns casinos.

I have never been in a casino, and have not played cards since my frat boy days in college. In fact, I have forgotten what a Royal Flush looks like. It doesn’t matter because this writing is not about casinos, and/or card-playing. It is about Trump and his potential role in America at such a time as this.

As each presidential election year roles around, we who call ourselves Christian, want to know about the moral beliefs and whether or not candidates are committed Christians.  We represent a large voting block and politicians know that. Trump is obviously not a hard core Christian, but he is attracting a lot of Christians  and non believers alike to his corner of the presidential race. He is popular because he is definitely NOT a part of the establishment in Washington, D.C.  In fact, the elite ruling class HATE him from both the left and the right.  As a Republican, he probably gets more criticism from the establishment Republicans and the money bags who control the Republicans and Democrats alike. Trump is bold, brash, and angers many people because he fails to walk the politically correct tight-wire constructed by the world’s leftists. This reminds me of the late comedian George Carlin and his routine about how big money controls most politicians.  He said, “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it!”

We are not electing a pastor, a priest or a Sunday School teacher.  Yes, a solid Christian with other qualifiers to lead our nation would be great, but we may be at a place where we need a thorough overhaul, and electing a “mister nice guy” will not likely get the job done. From a biblical standpoint, lets keep in mind that God used a donkey to speak to Balaam, and he used the pagan King Cyrus to allow Jews to return to Jerusalem after 70 years of captivity, and helped them rebuild the Temple.

At the very least, the traitorous leadership in the Republican party should be run out of town.  Democrats at the national level have been a lost cause for decades; they are too much like Communists.   Recently I heard some guy say, “Trump is the billionaire who can throw the other billionaires out of Washington.”  I like that analysis. Unlike the Founding Fathers of America, Washington elites think way too highly of themselves.  They act like they are royalty, and want to be treated that way.

I have two examples that help illustrate our dilemma in regard to those who rule over us.  (1) At times I reclaim some land on my farm that has grown up with briers, brush, and small trees.  I don’t begin the reclamation with a hand full of seeds because the land must first be cleared of the trash growing there.  A bush hog is necessary for the beginning phase of reclamation.  If anyone is to Make America Great Again, Trump’s campaign slogan, some serious trash growing in Washington, D.C. must be eliminated.

(2) If you had a serious sewage blockage in your home, you would not call a house painter, or interior decorator to come fix it, right?    We don’t need any more sissified congressmen going to D.C. with promises to change things to benefit the American people, only to have them dab a little paint or whitewash on the many serious problems we have… it’s time to flush the royalty!

I am not sure if Trump will get my vote in the Primary, but nevertheless, he just may be holding a Royal Flush for America.

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