Islam in Monroe Schools 30 Years Ago

During my, single, six-year term  as a member of the Monroe County School board in the 1980s, I examined a history textbook, and was shocked at what I saw.  As a Christian, I was interested in learning what, if anything, was in that book about the role of Christianity in the founding of America.


I found that the American History textbook had a total of only 18 words about Christianity.  I was upset, to put it mildly.  Then I learned that the book devoted five pages of information about Islam.   Are you kidding me, only 18 words about Christianity, but five pages about Islam? Let me be quick to add that it was the lack of information about Christianity that shocked me most, not the greater amount of information about Islam.  Let me also say that I was nearly totally ignorant about most religions except for Christianity and Judaism. Also, that time in history was about 15 years before the September 11, 2001 Islamic terrorists attack in America that killed about 3000 innocent people in New York, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania.

While I am much more informed now about Islam, the purpose of this writing is not to cover the topic of Islamic Jihad in extensive detail.  I do hope some people reading this will take the time to do their own search to become adequately informed about Islam.  I will say that much propaganda has filled the airways  and print media ever since the 911 attacks, beginning when President George W. Bush said “Islam is a religion of peace.”  You might begin your Internet search by going to Two of the more ominous characteristics of Islam are their deliberate deception, and the stealth techniques they use to invade a country gradually, in order to strike once they obtain a stronghold. I don’t have to remind anyone that Islamic Jihad has accelerated in recent years, and is a very serious problem, particularly in parts of Europe.

I have one final point.  After spending more than forty years, in four different states, closely involved in public education including my years as a student, a teacher, and finally a public school board member, it was about three years into that six-year term that I said to myself, “No more, I am through with any official connection to public education.  It’s the same everywhere I’ve been. It’s time all Christians got out of a failed system.” I became, and remain a strong advocate of Christian schooling, especially homeschooling.

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